Bali, Indonesia

Southern part of the coral triangle, it is known for its amazing and rich biodiversity.

The tropical green jewel of Bali offers divers everything from pristine coral garden, dramatic drop-off and fantastic wrecks.

Above the water you will fall in love with the friendly smiling people and their fascinating culture. Relax and enjoy the views of magical temples, regal palaces and breath taking rice paddies, with the silhouette of the mystic holy volcano of Agung as your back drop.

Gili Islands, Indonesia

The Gili’s off Lombok’s North Western shores are a white sand beach paradise in between mountains. With no cars or motorbikes on the islands, the care free and relaxed atmosphere is even more tranquil.

Transport around the islands is, either on foot, by bike or flag down a traditional horse carriage.

The Gili’s are famous for their turtles, the beaches provide ample nesting spots and the rich waters are fantastic feeding grounds allowing the turtles to breed up to four times a year.

Komodo Island, Indonesia

Komodo, in the eastern remoteness of Indonesia’s ring of fire, a UNESCO place of special scientific interest. These rugged and remote island are as mystic as they are magical.

A mixing pot of cultures and traditions and age as trading post which were visited by the Spaniards, Portuguese, Arabs & Dutch.

Famous for its Dragons it offers absolute word class and breath taking diving a kaleidoscope of color and a feast to the senses is guaranted every time you submerge yourself in the waters off this mysterious eastern corner of the coral triangle.

Dive Safaris

Dive Safari Duration Dives Tours Price
Dive Bali Classic 8 Days / 7 Nights 11 + 1 Night Dive 0 16.800.000 IDR
East Bali Dive Delight 10 Days / 9 Nights 13 + 1 Night Dive 3 21.000.000 IDR
Best of Bali 12 Days / 11 Nights 13 + 1 Night Dive 4 26.850.000 IDR
Dive Bali 12 Days / 11 Nights 16 + 2 Night Dives 3 30.230.000 IDR
Big Bali 15 Days / 14 Nights 23 + 2 Night Dives 3 36.950.000 IDR
Bali + Gili Islands 7 Days Bali + 4 Days Gili 10 Bali + 7 Gili + 2 Night Dives 2 24.050.000 IDR
Bali + Komodo Island 7 Days Bali + 7 Days Komodo 10 Bali + 18 Komodo + 2 Night Dives 2 42.800.000 IDR
Bali + Gili + Komodo 7 Days Bali + 4 Days Gili + 7 Days Komodo Live-aboard 11 Bali + 8 Gili + 18 Komodo 2 52.600.000 IDR2
Bali + Raja Ampat 7 Days Bali + 10 Days Raja Ampat Live-aboard 11 Bali + 27 Raja Ampat 2 85.500.000 IDR

Safaris are only available for min. 4 – max. 20 participants. Dates available are 1 March – 31 June and 1 October – 31 December. 

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