We offer top quality trainings for Ap Diving rebreather. We have 2 Evolution + at your disposition and we will happy to organize your training which is based on 7 days including 2 confined water session + 8 open water dives.

In the entrance program you have the CCR Diving that allows you to go to a maximum depth of 30 meters without decomprefssion.

Then the XR Extended Range CCR allows you to go to 40 Meters on Air diluent with a maximum of 25 minutes of decompression based on your bailout gas.

The XR Limited Trimix CCR allows you to go to a maximum depth of 45 meters within the same decompression time then the XR Extended Range.

The XR Extended Range CCR trainings is 19.950.000 IDR excluding absorbent 12 $/ kg . The XR Limited Trimix is 2.250.000 IDR more, and helium is (0.12 $ per Liter).

Rental unit available for 3.700.000 IDR for the length of the course or 750.000 IDR per day for a certified diver on AP Units.

Contact us to antoine@balidivetrek.com or via WhatsApp on +6285238389529.