Visited Bali for the first time and decided to try out diving. There were so many operators to choose from but we finally decided on Bali Dive Trek due to the good reviews. Our instructor for the day was Kiki and she was awesome! She was so friendly and patient with us throughout the whole process and always put our safety first. That gave us a lot of assurance so we were able to remain very calm and thus enjoy the beautiful ocean world. Couldn’t be more grateful for that. Thanks to her, we now have many beautiful pictures and videos of us underwater. We had a really great time and this diving experience was definitely the highlight of our Bali trip!

Quelle S. (TripAdvisor)

I was a solo diver and the guys there were great and very welcoming. I was renting a rebreather and diving some sites, and this was a brilliant experience end to end. Super welcoming, and diving with Akshay was great. It felt very tailored for me, with the sites being changed as they got to know what I liked. I very much got to see what I wanted, and I really enjoyed the sites we dived. I also felt like I was one of the team. It was great in the evening relaxing in the lovely peaceful hotel, having a laid back chilled out beer with the and chatting to other divers and the guides/instructors at the site. Listening to Antoine talking about the other dives sites, and the usual diver banter I felt like I was at “home”. I’ll definitely be back!

Andrew H. (TripAdvisor)

I came to Amed to get back into diving after a 7 year break. Bali Dive Trek offered me a refresher class with pool training and two dives. It was amazing! Kiki was an amazing guide, never lost her patience and smile even though I took a while in the pool to get back into the routine. Once she took us out to diving, it became even better, with two great dives and the drop-off and the USAT Liberty, just off the beach at Tulamben. Going in from the beach was a great, even though a bit rocky, you go in the water and the dive site is right there. Lots of colorful fish and great visibility. Absolutely recommended experience.

Alex (TripAdvisor)

Bali Dive Trek is thorough, organized and super professional. I’ve been diving off and on for 30+ years. When I visited Amed, I hadn’t been diving in 10 or so years. Had a refresher dive in the pool before two open water dives. Haven’t had that level of detailed training since I was certified as a kid. Bali Dive Trek makes diving safe and fun for beginners and well seasoned divers. Tulamben USS Liberty is a spot worth seeing if you’re on island. I dove the wreck while my 11 and 7 year old boys snorkeled above. Wreck is easily accessible from the beach for divers and snorkelers alike.

Bagus (TripAdvisor)

We booked a Try Scuba Diving dive in Bali Dive Trek and we couldn’t be more happy that we chose them over the competition. We chose them because they were recommended by our Homestay owner and because they offered pool diving before going to the ocean. How lucky we were to have booked them. Since childhood I was scared of open waters, especially diving. However the professionals Max and Alexis in BDT really helped me overcome my fears. We did two dives (3 newbies, 2 instructors) at the coral garden and USAT Liberty wreck. In a nutshell, I’m really happy to have started my diving journey with Max and Alexis from BDT. They are professionals who put safety as the #1 priority but also ensure you have an incredibly fun experience in the ocean.

Mykolas (TripAdvisor)